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Sprinkler Systems

Quick, Dependable and Experienced

Alex Irrigation & Landscaping has provided complete sprinkler services to the greater Alexandria area since our inception in 1987. We have mastered our craft so thoroughly that we are able to install most residential sprinkler systems within only one day. This saves you money on labor costs, vastly limits the amount of time which you will be inconvenienced during installation, and ensures your lawn will never want for water again.

Affordable Sprinkler Systems

Whatever needs you may have for your new sprinkler system, we will meet them with an affordable, state of the art solution. Additionally, we install devices like rain sensors and timers to keep your system efficient, so you may enjoy a perfectly watered lawn without wasting any water. Please call us for a free estimate on your new sprinkler system.

Other Services

Our fully licensed and insured, locally owned and operated In addition to the installation of quality sprinkler systems, we also provide the following services:

Once you have a sprinkler system, it is vital to keep it running correctly. With our regular maintenance service, we will ensure that your system is free of leaks, that your water pressure is optimal, that your sprinkler heads are free from obstruction, and that your spray patterns are covering the area you need them to.
Before winter comes, it is crucial to remove all the water from of a sprinkler system so that the freeze doesn’t destroy it. We utilize a specialized air compression system to void pipes of water, so you can rest easy all winter without worrying about the state of your sprinkler system come warmer weather.
Spring Startups
Just as winter demands special care for sprinkler systems, so too does the springtime. We are on call to reactivate sprinkler systems once the weather begins to warm, so you may immediately begin restoring your lawn to its best condition.

Affordable, convenient, and reliable.


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