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Alex Irrigation & Landscaping has taken care of the greater Alexandria area’s lawns for over three decades. Our clients include homeowners, apartment community managers, and business owners. For whatever reason we are called, whether it may be simple trimming and mowing to more involved work with sod and light machinery, we provide the fast, affordable, and peerless work that you can depend on.

We take a complete approach to lawn care and have the experience, equipment, and vision to do whatever it takes to make your yard look great. Please call us if you need any of the following services or anything else lawn-related!


Fertilization & Weed Control

Don’t let the weeds move in on your turf! Whether weed removal requires chemical treatment, mulching, landscape fabric, or good old-fashioned hoeing and pulling, we’re on call to make sure only the plants you like are a part of your landscape.

Aeration involves perforating a lawn’s surface with small holes to permit water and nutrients into the grass roots. If your lawn sees heavy use, dries out easily, or is relatively new, aeration is critical for its ongoing health and appearance. We have the plug and spike aerators it takes to keep your roots happy.
Do you have a patch of barren earth that could do with some cover? Let us explain the merits of all the grass seeds available on the market, or even some exciting and unconventional cover to provide a level of sophistication to your property.

Affordable, convenient, and reliable.


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